Advanced Education recently changed the mandatory staff training requirements within the new CALP Guidelines. The following is an excerpt from the 2018 CALP Guidelines section 5.1: Professional Development Requirements, page 13:

“All staff involved in the delivery of Literacy and Foundational Learning programming must have completed Introduction to Adult Foundational Learning within the grant term. New staff are encouraged to take the training in their first year of employment. Contracted instructors, facilitators, tutors, or other volunteers are not required to participate in Introduction to Adult Foundational Learning; however, they are eligible to do so. Additional professional development requirements are noted below in section 5.3: Modes of Delivery.”

As a result of this change, at least one staff member per ECALA funded organization should plan to attend an Introduction to Adult Foundational Learning (IAFL) training in 2019. IAFL has been developed to provide staff with relevant and practical tools, skills, and resources that will assist them in their roles in administering and facilitating Community Adult Learning Programs. Introduction to Adult Foundational Learning explores how we can better support adult learners in our communities.

The Community Learning Network (CLN) and ECALA have partnered to offer IAFL training in the ECALA learning space in April. These IAFL sessions are beneficial for staff who are responsible for the administration of ECALA funded programs. Registration information will be posted on the portal soon.

The pictures above were taken during the IAFL session held on January 30th & 31st, 2019 in the ECALA Learning Space.