ECALA is very excited to be working closely with the adult learning community in Edmonton to collectively develop our 2020-2023 Strategic Directions. The deliverables for the Project include:

  • Understanding funding barriers for organizations and discussing innovative solutions to address the barriers
  • Testing for alignment of data shared by adult learning organizations leadership, program staff, and learners with new and relevant research
  • Sharing the data and Final Report with funded organizations and the adult learning community
  • Determining ECALA’s Strategic Direction and funding priorities based on the information shared by the project participants

To help inform the project’s direction, we held a Community Conversation with our funded-program leadership staff in June, and plan to hold a second conversation on July 16th–click here to register. The discussions and ideas generated from the first Community Conversation led to the development of the following mind maps:

Looking at the world of adult literacy, what is the desired state?
Collectively, how do we get to our desired state?
Priority List

In addition to the Community Conversations, organizations, practitioners and learners can participate and influence the Project in many ways. A project Working Group Terms of Reference was drafted on June 7th by the participants. Individuals who are interested in participating in the Project Working Group should email by June 17, 2019, and note Project Working Group in the subject line of their email.

We need your help to ensure our learners’ voices are part of this project. Learners can influence the direction of our project by participating in our Learner Survey. Organizations and practitioners of ECALA-funded organizations can administer the Learner Survey in their courses and learning opportunities prior to July 31, 2019. We know that many organizations no longer run programs over the summer and hope that you will support our efforts in ensuring we have the perspective of as many learners as possible by making time to support them in sharing their thoughts with us.  All responses will be confidential and learners who complete the survey will have an opportunity to be entered into a draw to win a Samsung Tablet or one of five $20.00 Tim Hortons gift cards. Click here to access the electronic version of the Learner Survey and here to access a PDF version.

Your voice is equally important to us. Practitioners and ECALA-funded program staff can participate in the project by taking our ECALA Agency Survey. Click here to access the electronic version of the Agency Survey and click here to access a PDF version.

If you or your learners want to share your thoughts directly with the contractors for the project, AndersonDraper Consulting, contact Sean Draper at