Needs Assessment Project Final Report and Digital Highlights

Click here to check out the Digital Highlights of our 2020-2023 Strategic Directions Project.

Project Background

ECALA is very excited to be working closely with the adult learning community in Edmonton to collectively develop our 2020-2023 Strategic Directions. The deliverables for the Project include:

  • Understanding funding barriers for organizations and discussing innovative solutions to address the barriers
  • Testing for alignment of data shared by adult learning organizations leadership, program staff, and learners with new and relevant research
  • Sharing the data and Final Report with funded organizations and the adult learning community
  • Determining ECALA’s Strategic Direction and funding priorities based on the information shared by the project participants

To help inform the project’s direction, we held a Community Conversation with our funded-program leadership staff in June and a second conversation on July 16th with participants from the City of Learners and a range of literacy organizations and funders. The discussions and ideas generated from the first Community Conversation led to the development of the following mind maps:

Looking at the world of adult literacy, what is the desired state?
Collectively, how do we get to our desired state?
Priority List

In addition to the Community Conversations, organizations, practitioners and learners can participate and influence the Project in many ways, such as:

  • Hosting a focus group with adult learners
  • Attending a community conversation
  • Encouraging adult learners and staff to complete the project surveys