ECALA releases an annual Impact Report highlighting the effect our funded agencies have on the adult foundational learners within their communities. The complete 2019-2020 Impact Report can be found here.

Learner Story from Canadian Arab Friendship Centre
Fardowsa has been in Canada since she was young. She dropped out of high school when she was sixteen to support her family financially. She worked over the decade and came to our centre to revive her academic knowledge. When she came here, she was very shy and avoided initiating any conversation. However, after a couple of weeks, we observed a noticeable improvement in her learning. She was asking for more writing and reading comprehension tasks. Throughout the session, she overcame academic setbacks and is now capable of writing short paragraphs with little help from teachers. Fardowsa also helps peers by interpreting in different languages. Our warm learning opportunities allowed her to unlock her learning potential. Currently, she studies and volunteers two hours per week as an interpreter for the beginners at RLP class in the evening. This is a great scaffolding technique for Fardowsa done by our centre.

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