What We Do

ECALA  is a granting council that builds capacity in agencies to deliver courses and learning activities to adult foundational learners in Edmonton by: 

  • Allocating funding to agencies in Edmonton for courses and learning activities 
  • Providing relevant and accessible free or low-cost practitioner professional development sessions 
  • Providing coaching and mentoring support for staff working in funded agencies 
  • Facilitating community conversations relevant to adult foundational learning in Edmonton 
  • Raising awareness about the availability and need for foundational life skill building for adults in Edmonton 
  • Collaborating and partnering with agencies supporting adult foundational learning 

Our Purpose

ECALA’s VISION is “Everyone can learn”.  ECALA’s Board of Directors and staff are passionate about ensuring everyone has access to lifelong learning opportunities which meets their goals in a flexible learning environment. Accessible, non-credit and part-time adult foundational skill-building programs enable individuals to pursue further learning, have satisfying and meaningful employment, and fully participate in community life.

What We Value


Dynamic people create a vibrant ECALA

  • Being responsive to emerging issues
  • Developing capacity in agencies
  • Advocating for lifelong learning that helps learners succeed
  • Supporting innovation
  • Building awareness of learning opportunities
  • Working collaboratively
  • Reducing barriers to learning opportunities

Our Strategic Direction