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This class is a one-session course throughout the funding year. This class consists of multi CLB levels of learners. Most learners need foundational writing skills so that they can focus more on developing and communicating ideas in their writing. Literacy-CLB 2 (beginners) in this class work on letter formation, pencil/pen grip, spelling simple words and sentences and fill out a form with personal information. This class focuses on providing clear instructions and frequent practice to polish learners’ writing skills. CLB 3-4 work on developing their writing skills by understanding the structure of the sentence and writing simple sentences in a paragraph form. The course teaches learners how to format and write text messages, as well as compose and write emails related to typical needs related to self and family matters. The learners continue to develop their grammar through training and exercises around the covered topics. The computer’s block practices act as reinforcement to all learning concepts covered in class.