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Our Reading Language Proficiency Program is based on themes, topics and activities that incorporate the learners’ immediate needs and goals. This course is a multi-CLB level and is designed for English non-literate or pre-literate adult learners up to CLB 4. This course focuses on learning basic English language skills and becoming familiarized with the basic rules of English reading and language. The focus is particularly on reading clearly, concisely and slowly so everyone can keep pace. Learners will be reading simple short paragraphs, original material that has been prepared specifically for the course and authentic materials that learners may encounter in their daily life. Learners participate in a wide variety of activities and exercise that build their vocabulary around various topics that are relevant to their needs in daily life. The course activities will generally focus on learners’ reading comprehension, expanding vocabulary past the most common words, and writing basic messages and texts.  Computer block practices act as reinforcements to all the learning concepts covered in class. Learners can learn and practice how to read, as well as write at stage I in CLB levels.