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Reading Connections

Facilitator: Nada Jerkovic, CanLearn Society

Online: Wednesday, October 7, 2020, between 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Audience: Open

Helping learners who struggle with basic reading and writing skills – those below and at PIAAC Level 1- is important. Unless these learners can learn to “crack the code”, they will forever remain silently excluded from other foundational learning opportunities and at risk of disengagement and failure.

The purpose of this session is to support practitioners in understanding the foundations of the reading process and core elements of appropriate adult reading instruction. Participants  session will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of what the reading process entails
  • Identify what makes adult reading instruction work
  • Learn strategies and techniques they can apply in their daily work with adults who struggle with basic reading skills

Click here to register. If you have any questions, email pd@ecala.org.

Please note: this is a repeat of the July 22, 2020 session.

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