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Session 1 Communicating together

Would you like to learn new and effective ways to communicate with your child?  Would you like the chance to work with a Speech and Language Therapist who can demonstrate and teach fun ways to engage with your child? Would you like to learn how to use music, books and playtime to build your child’s language skills? Do you have questions about your child’s hearing loss? In this online program, we will explore many parts of language and communication and methods that work with children that have hearing loss. Join us and we will read, sing, and learn together. When you register, we will deliver a bag with some music toys and books to enjoy as a family.

Session 2 ASL@Home

Are you new to learning American Sign Language (ASL) and would like to know more? Did you know using ASL could help to build strong language skills? Would you like to have some books and games to help you practice the signs you are learning? We will meet virtually for 8 weeks of learning and practising together. In this program, we will teach various positions for joint attention, the importance of facial expression, location, signing box, eye contact, and hand shapes. Other topics include understanding children’s age-appropriate ASL development, the importance of bonding with your child, and basic Deaf Culture norms for communicating.

Session 3 ASL@Home advanced

Do you use ASL on a regular basis? Would you like opportunities to practice your skills both expressively and receptively? Come join us for an ASL conversation class with other parents.

We will meet virtually for 8 weeks to works on and improve our skills with a Deaf instructor.

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