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Connect Society

780 454 9581|http://www.connectsociety.org/

Connect Society has been serving deaf and hard of hearing individuals since 1963. It began as a preschool for deaf children in Edmonton and has grown, offering a broader range of services to meet the needs of the community. Our newest program, established in Calgary in 2015, offers preschool and kindergarten programming for deaf children. In addition to preschool and kindergarten, Edmonton offers Early Intervention programming (birth -3), Family Support Services, Literacy programs, and residential and outreach supports for adults with developmental delays. Our vision is: “Empowering Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing children, adults and their families to engage fully within their communities”. Our target population consists of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and youth, hearing children whose parents are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults and families of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals. Our core beliefs are: that every individual is unique and valued for their diverse talents, attributes and abilities in all aspects of life; and that the ability to communicate fully is essential to all aspects of living. Individuals must have access to the communication mode that best facilitates and enhances their full participation in community life, and we strive to empower people to access the supports they require to participate as fully as possible in all aspects of community life to fulfil their aspirations

November 2020

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