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The ‘Learn It! Use It!’ program is an introductory computers skills course where you will learn about the computer parts, online terms, the basic computer skills and functions, and how to download an app on your cell phone. You will learn about using the computer, operating basic software programs, and navigating the internet and hardware such as the printer, software, and word processing applications. This training course covers important computer tasks such as naming computer parts, powering up and down the computer, knowing the keyboard keys, typing, creating a document, saving, deleting, printing and using the internet to sign into an email and online courses. You will practice texting correct simple sentences on WhatsApp.  You will learn digital vocabulary, spelling and writing communication structures. The basic computer skills that you will gain in this course will help you in your daily life and engage you in society.

For more information about this program call Randa at 780-473-7214.

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