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Date: Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Where: Online
Facilitator: Nada Jerkovic

The Skills for Learning category in the CALP Guidelines includes “learning opportunities that support the development of the fundamental skills and habits of learning that support foundational learners to build confidence, develop an identity as a learner, advocate for themselves and engage in foundational and other learning.” (p 14 CALP Guidelines 2020)

The purpose of this workshop is to offer and share information, insights, and suggestions relevant to designing and implementing programs aligned with the new category. The session will cover the following “propellers for learning”:
– Motivation to learn
– Confidence
– Memory
– Attention
– Mindset for learning

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:
– Discuss strategies they can use to help adult foundational learners to build their skills for learning
– Experience some of the activities they can use with learners
– Pose questions as a springboard for summing up the key concepts covered in the session

If you are not connected with one of ECALA’s funded agencies (staff, volunteer or facilitator), there will be a $20 registration fee/person. CALPs outside of Edmonton will be charged this fee.

You will receive an email with a confirmation of your registration.

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