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Terra Centre for Teen Parents


Terra Centre is a non-profit organization helping pregnant and parenting teens to develop the self-reliance and skills to be successful parents and contributing community members. The work of the agency personnel is dedicated to meeting Terra’s mission and vision.

Mission: Empowering teen parents to succeed.

Vision: Teen parent families thrive and enrich our community.

Terra Centre started as a society focused on helping young mothers complete their high school education. It is now an organization that offers a multi-faceted, comprehensive approach to helping young parents and their children reach their full potential. Over the 40 years, Terra Centre has been in operation, our breadth of services has grown and continues to evolve providing support services to young parents from 15 up to 24 years of age.

Terra offers a variety of programs, including Early Learning and Child Care, Supports for Educational Achievement, Family Outreach, Services for young Dads, Affordable Housing through Partnerships, Literacy Programs, Mental Health Support Services, Youth Leadership and more.

Terra provides support, services, and necessities to 1,000 moms, dads and children each year. We have 65 employees located at three different sites that allow us to offer a diverse range of programs at no cost to young families thanks to committed funders and donors.

Terra contributes to the well-being of our community’s most vulnerable children. Teen parents gain valuable skills and become more knowledgeable about infant care, bonding, attachment, developmental play, guiding behaviours and positive discipline that increase their capacity to parent more effectively and create a solid foundation on which to build a family life.

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