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The English for Community Integration program is geared towards immigrant and refugee women from different ethnocultural backgrounds, who are the primary caregivers of young children. The purpose of this program is to provide participants with an opportunity to improve their English in a safe and welcoming social environment, while also increasing their social capital, improving their confidence and self-esteem, and facilitating community integration.

Learners will be engaged in a variety of listening, speaking, reading, and writing exercises, with an emphasis on speaking and understanding spoken and written English. They will also be required to work in groups for activities, conversation circles, role-play activities, and listening exercises. Participants will learn English they can use in their day-to-day lives in the classroom, and out in the community, such as at the grocery store, or how to read a recipe. Field trips will be organized to encourage interaction with the wider community, such as through asking for directions, ordering food, asking questions at various locations (library, art gallery, etc.) in order to practice skills learned in class.