All Day

Collective Kitchen

This is a program you will be excited to take. [...]

English Level 1

English Level 1 is specially designed for you - immigrants and [...]

English Level 2

English Level 2 is an informal and flexible community-based adult learning [...]

How to Use WhatsApp

How to use WhatsApp to register, communicate, copy and paste, [...]

Learn It! Use It!

The 'Learn It! Use It!' program is an introductory computers [...]

Writing for Beginners

This class is a one-session course through the funding year. [...]

Community Outreach ELL

We offer EAL classes in four locations in Edmonton, with [...]

Parenting and Literacy

Parenting and Literacy is a program to support the specific [...]

Adult Tutor Program

Would you like to help your child with their homework? [...]

Book Club

Read Good Books! Have Fun! Meet New People! Want to [...]


Singing helps you read better, it improves your pronunciation and [...]

Computer Class

Are you looking to improve your computer skills? The basic [...]

Basic Digital Skills

Attend small group classes and receive hands-on help with the [...]

Adult Digital Literacy

From work to family life and entertainment, we cannot imagine [...]

Math in Science

Are you preparing to go into the trades? Do you [...]

Connect Home Cooks

The Connect Cooks course focuses on building foundational life skills through learning and cooking activities with complex foundational learners so they are better able to complete day to day tasks independently.

Daily Literacy

Come join our Daily Literacy class. This class is designed [...]

Family Literacy Enrichment

Family Literacy Enrichment has been developed to promote the importance [...]

English Level 3

English Level 3 is an advanced language course offered to the [...]

Refresh Circle

The “Refresh Circle” course is for you if you are [...]

Job Ready

Job Ready is a course designed for learners who are [...]

Slow Cooker Kitchens

Slow Cooker Kitchens is an 8-20 week program where participants [...]

HIV and Nutrition

Are you interested in healthy living and eating? The Nutrition [...]

IELTS Exam Preparation

You want to join a post-secondary program but are worried [...]

Adult Book Club

Our classes are a great chance to improve your reading, [...]

Family Book Club

Build your own program by telling us what you want [...]

Cree Class

Due to COVID-19, we no longer were able to continue [...]

Stoney Language

Due to COVID-19, we no longer were able to continue [...]