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This is a program you will be excited to take. You will be with a group of people who share the same interest. You will learn how to prepare low-cost healthy meals and appropriate portion sizes for your family.

The Facilitators will support you through your journey in the discovery of “All things food.” You will learn all about:

  • basic cooking skills,
  • cooking tips,
  • cultural recipes,
  • nutrition,
  • reading labels,
  • reading recipes,
  • changing recipe quantities,
  • coupons and budgeting,
  • cooking for kids
  • and kitchen safety

You will be provided with an outline of the daily schedule when you sign up. You will receive a variety of kitchen items to help support you in your learning experience. In addition, you will also receive recipes and all the food for each recipe. You will also be involved in choosing the recipes. This program runs for five days (Monday – Friday) six times a year.

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