Welcome to ECALA

We are an Edmonton based adult community learning association, with a mandate to help individuals access non-credit educational opportunities throughout our city.

If you have educational needs, please visit our Programs & Services page or if you are a non-profit organization and want information on our funding, please visit our Grants & Funding page.

We have proudly served the city of Edmonton since 1998, and are funded by the Government of Alberta.

We hope our revised website will provide our members and guests with a quicker and easier experience finding the resources we have available.

What's Happening?

To ECALA 2014-2015 funded Agencies

ECALA mentioned before that the final reports deadline is June 26th Friday but we will appreciate if you can send your final reports even before June 22nd Monday, that enable us to process the payments before ECALA year end (June 30th).  If you want to submit by June 26th, that also is acceptable.  Thank You.

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