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We are an Edmonton based adult community learning association, with a mandate to help individuals access non-credit educational opportunities throughout our city.

If you have educational needs, please visit our Programs & Services page or if you are a non-profit organization and want information on our funding, please visit our Grants & Funding page.

We have proudly served the city of Edmonton since 1998, and are funded by the Government of Alberta.

We hope our revised website will provide our members and guests with a quicker and easier experience finding the resources we have available.

What's Happening?

ECALA CEO Announcement

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to announce that Dan Gosse has accepted the position of CEO for ECALA. Dan brings to ECALA considerable experience in public education as well as a range of experience in community development through the Kinsmen Club. Dan has demonstrated his genuine commitment to bring people together to build strong communities and among his many strengths, an ability to use innovative solutions to address organizational and community needs.

Dan started with ECALA officially on July 2 and will be working closely with Carol through July to transition operations smoothly. Carol will be working with ECALA to complete a specific project through early fall as she transitions to her new life in British Columbia.

The Board would like to express their appreciation to both Dan and Carol for working together towards the best interests of ECALA and its member organizations. We would also like to thank the many people who expressed interest in the position. We are confident that Dan will build on the tremendous legacy created by Carol to continue ECALA’s mission. You can join us in welcoming Dan by contacting the ECALA office.

Cheryl Whitelaw, Chair on behalf of the Board of Directors.

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