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Employment Enhancement for New Immigrant Women is a multi-level course in which learners read various forms of high-interest writings and develop their writing, reading and conversational skills. Through various activities and tasks, learners develop their reading fluency, accuracy, and comprehension; learners begin to develop basic compositional writing skills and improve their vocabulary. The course curriculum focuses on increasing participants’ English language skills, developing skills in the areas of assertiveness, self-efficacy, career planning, information retrieval, community economic development, job searches and job maintenance. This program is for immigrant women, particularly those who feel isolated in their homes and are frustrated by the obstacles that hinder them from participating more actively in their new society. This program is also for immigrant women who are seeking changes in their working lives but do not have the knowledge, information, nor confidence to carry them out. In essence, the program is an empowerment process for immigrant women. It increases their confidence through participation so that they can take action to improve their circumstances. This empowerment process strengthens their ongoing capacity for successful action under changing circumstances.